Apports, apports and still no idea where they come from ?

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Recently I spent two or three hours in good company because I was lucky enough to be invited to another show for Where Did The Road Go, this time with Seriah and Timothy Renner.

This latest episode elaborated on my previous show about apports, and I hope it will entertain you when it goes online, I hope it will stir some interest and conversation, I also hope that you can relate your own experiences with them ???

Please check out Where Did The Road Go in your favourite podcast provider or go to the website.

Please watch this space because I have shows with Tim Renner to come on Strange Familiars (podcast)

These will approach all my experiences in chronological order, there have been so many overlaps and recurring plots over the decades.

Two weeks ago Nathan Isaacs and I recorded our first marathon Skype session and it was a joy, please check out:

especially episode eight where he submits some wonderful insights.  I look forward to working with Isaac again very soon.

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7 thoughts on “Apports, apports and still no idea where they come from ?

  1. Hi Charles. I really enjoyed your Where Did The Road Go show. Thank you.
    Where us the place in Wales where you met Andy 20 years later? I live in Swansea and really fancy a trip out there. Best wishes.
    Steve Balsamo

    1. Good afternoon Steve ….
      thanks for the thumbs up, if I’m honest I don’t like hearing my voice too often !

      Look up Cas Cob, tiny place near to Presteigne
      Wonderful little place, incredibly old Yew trees and the Cas Cob charm ….

      Thanks again

  2. Wonderful episode, Charles! I absolutely love the pearl and toad apports! Been about a year since I got anything, but now Im inspiried to get back out!

    Thank you again for sharing.


  3. Thanks a million Charles! I’ve listened again to the show as you had so much great information. I love Where Did The Road Go podcast, Seriah seems a lovely guy.
    I’m going to listen to the first interview you did too.
    Steve b

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