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Beginning on the December 31st 2018 The Questing Hour will host a podcast with interviews on Psychic Questing and any related subjects.

It is intended to be an archive of first hand experiences to share with those that were /are part of it, to those who left the party early and for those to come who wish to do research on, ‘the golden age of Questing’ as it’s fondly known.

A new interview will be added every full moon from then on …

The intention was to begin podcasts on the Winter Solstice but there are technical difficulties to resolve … it shouldn’t take long 🙂

Sorry for the delays



Introducing Addie

This brief recording was made on March 2nd 1989 and took place in Corley Hall which is in Warwickshire.

An abbreviated version was played on Radio Misterioso by Greg Bishop, the show host. You can listen to the show by clicking here.

There were five people around the table using a home made Ouija board, Graham Phillips Angela Reeve, Anne Edkins and Martin Kelly.

Our regular contact was somebody we knew as Addie and she was a strong contact too, funny, capricious and quite autonomous when she wanted to be…

Angela had done a line drawing of Addie as seen in her dreams; it was on an easel in the main bedroom area.

Addie asked us, ‘you wanted to know what I looked like’?

We were told to look ‘top right’ … the drawing was placed top right o the easel, when we resumed doing the board a photograph was apported under the table and she said … ‘top right’ and that was our Addie.